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Link: https://soundcloud.com/annavrmusic

‘The most exciting new avant-gardist in today’s pop world.” Rolling Stone 

A N N A V R is a pianist and music producer who is shrugging off the clichés of her industry. After studying classical piano since the age of nine, she saw Herbie Hancock for the first time when she was 14 and realized that there was nothing quite like jazz piano. Her talent was obvious and she was quickly supported with a junior talent promotion, studying jazz piano at the conservatories of Amsterdam and New York. Shortly after working for clients such as DIOR, Louis Vuitton and Mercedes-Benz, she began making pop music for contemporary context where the playlist principle has become rather prevalent. Her work seamlessly operates in a landscape of references where (jazz) piano, experimental electronic and Bernini sculptures can freely collide.

‘A N N A V R makes 4D pop for the world of touch screens and VR glasses. The music floats and her voice seems like it might belong to a compassionate avatar.’ PopKulturBerlin