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Dr. Reiner Kraft

10 years vs 170 years in business – Does it matter in today's tech world? by IDA Ireland / VP Engineering, Zalando

Reiner is a VP Engineering at Zalando, building up and leading the technical direction of Zalando’s core search platform, personalization technology, as well as establishing Zalando Research as a world-class research organisation in the areas of machine learning and AI. Reiner is an expert on the topic of AI, and oversees Zalando Research’s artificial intelligence research activity, including deep learning.

From 2004 to 2016 Reiner worked at Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, CA as an engineering director within Yahoo!’s Web Search team on query understanding, intent prediction, and content analysis topics, where he built up and managed various engineering teams while working on cutting edge search & personalization platforms. Before joining Yahoo! Reiner worked at IBM Research for many years as a senior research software engineer.

 One of Reiner’s key strengths is innovation and idea generation: He has filed over 125 patent applications. In 2003 he was been recognized as a Master Inventor within IBM’s research division, and also within Yahoo! in 2011, Reiner was nominated by Silicon Valley Magazine as one of the most prolific inventors in Silicon Valley. Furthermore, he has been recognized with the TR100 award from the MIT Technology Review in 2002, a prestigious award for recognizing individuals for extraordinary innovation and impact to our society.