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Myrle Krantz

Blockchain: How does data storage work in a typical application? / CTO at Zingr

Myrle Krantz is a software architect with 20 years of experience developing APIs and scalable systems. In 2015, when she joined the Mifos Initiative, she worked with the Stellar Foundation to connect small microfinance institutions to each other via a blockchain-based ledger.

An open source enthusiast, Myrle is Vice President at the Apache Software Foundation for the Fineract project.  Fineract is an open source, cloud-native platform for financial inclusion.  Myrle is excited about the potential of open source technology to improve the world.

Myrle is also CTO of Zingr.  With Zingr, she’s working exuberantly to bring financial services like international remittances, mobile payments, and current accounts to the unbanked in the Caribbean.